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Dec 05 2018

West Witney Primary School

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5th December 2018
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.westwitneyprimaryschool.co.uk
Telephone: 01993 706249 Headteacher: Mrs Nancy Darby

Our Zambian Connection

Yesterday, Tim and Linda Cowling from The Wye Valley Project and Rotary Club led our school assembly; our children learnt where some of our old books had gone and how they were being used in Kabwata School in Zambia.
Our children learnt about the improvements that have been made in recent years to the school: from installing toilets, to resourcing a pre – school class; from getting tables to having some of the basic equipment needed such as pencils and paper. What was most memorable was that the children wanted to be in school,
wanted to learn and that they were incredibly grateful for this opportunity.
It seems that children around the world are not so different.

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Sep 23 2018


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If you have listened to Mimi’s programme on Wycombe Sound you know she put out a challenge to her listeners to become a Friend of the Wye Valley Zambia Project.

All you need to do is to set up a Direct Debit for £3 – as she said, less than a cup of coffee, and that will mean that you too can make a difference to the lives of the young people in our partner schools

  To help these young people have a real education just donate £3 pounds. the bank details are as follows:-

Lloyds Bank,    Sort Code 30-96-54      Account No. 19336068

Alternatively you can follow the link to Virgin Money Giving on the front page of the site and Gift Aid your donation to realise an extra 25% to the charity

Let’s try and raise the funds to plaster and paint the walls of the hall at Libala Primary School so the children have a safe area to run around in for their sports activities. They have to be inside during the rainy season, at the moment the walls are breeze block so they hurt themselves when they run past them and scrape their skin.

Help us please. Our motto – making friends and changing lives through working together.

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Jul 31 2018

Our charity is five years old – what have we achieved

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During the last five years we have completed several projects

      has become    at Kabwata Pre-School Room. Thank you to the support of the Openwork Foundation and Chico’s team who made it all happen.

  has become     and is being used for      by the Special Needs department at Chilenje School

   changed into    and finished as    thanks to RSM UK who donated the 50 laptops ready for the launch of the Microsoft Showcase School status at Libala Secondary School.

Classrooms at Kabwata School were repainted thanks to donations by friends of the project

       19 classrooms were repainted. We are now raising funds to get the windows reglazed

    Please contact us if you would like to help or make a donation through the web page to Virgin Money Giving saying ‘Contribution to Kabwata windows.




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Feb 22 2018

Cooking at Chilenje

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We have received pictures from Chilenje Special Needs department of their first cookery lesson for their students. Their weather is obviously better then ours as they were cooking outside but did go back inside to eat afterwards. It looks like a good time was had by all. Let’s hope we get to try their cooking when we go out at Easter.

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Feb 07 2018

The Ministry says Yes

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  As you may know Rotary District 1090 has been delivering a Rotary Leaders Award that has been endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management. To date the course has been extremely successful and we wanted to offer it to students at Libala Secondary School and our Ambassadors. In order to do this we had to gain agreement from the Ministry of Education in Lusaka that they were happy with us delivering this course in their school. We have today received a letter from the Minister saying that they are happy for us to run the course. That will keep Mike and Tim very busy when we are there.

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