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Apr 02 2017

Life Skills Room takes shape at Chilenje

by Sue Pomeroy in Uncategorized

The first picture shows the room as it was in July, dark and dismal  and not very exciting to work in. Since then Chico and his team have worked on the roof, installed a ceiling, rewired the lights, repaired the plumbing and sorted out various woodwork problems.

DSCF0926   DSCF2591   DSCF2589   DSCF2588   DSCF2579

You can now see how much nicer it looks. We just need to replace the two cookers and get utensils for cooking and the children will be able to use it. The plan is for the room to be used to teach the children Life skills, cooking, looking after themselves, and learning to become independent. It will also be used for the older Special Needs students so that they can have some lessons on their own.

Thank you to Chico and thank you to St Ives, we are just sorting the final pieces of the jigsaw.