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Apr 02 2017

Pre-School room needs our help

by Sue Pomeroy in Uncategorized

The first picture shows the team at Kabwata with their new Head who is working hard to improve things.

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The second picture shows the room. As you can see from the third picture the windows have been filled in with cement so it is a very dark room. The remaining pictures show the equipment that Godolphin School sent over which the children will be able to utilise once the room is usable. We asked Chico what the costs would be of making this room safe and usable for the children. Here are his figures (in pounds) including labour costs.

£700 to repair the leaking roof, erect a ceiling with integral lighting, to keep the room clean and dustfree.

£500 to purchase materials and replaster all the walls

£350 to remove existing concrete windows and provide and fit new windows, frames fittings and burglar bars

£425 to paint the walls and ceiling with two coats of undercoat and two of top coat in suitable colours

£125 to supply and fit 3 electrical sockets and renew all light fittings with flourescent tubes

£500 to repair an existing storage cupboard, and divide it in order to fit a toilet for the young children to use

This gives a total cost of £2600 which the school does not have. If any of you would like to help us change this room into a special room for the young children please contact me or make your donation through Virgin Money Giving on the front page of the website.

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