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Mar 31 2014

We’re almost ready for the off

by Sue Pomeroy in forthcoming_events, visit_reports

We have tickets, kit, visas and lots of equipment to take.

We leave Carrington School at 3.30AM so you are all welcome to come and see us off, even in your PJs, we don’t mind.

We are planning to visit Libala High School first on Sunday then off to the Basic School and Chilenje School on Monday and a meeting with the new Head at Libala High. After that we will be teaching music in the Basic Schools – at least the lads will be. working with the Special Needs department – hoping to buy 2 or 3 wheelchairs to allow more children to go to school, and hoping there will be a room we can decorate to make a Skills Room for them.

In between that we will be visiting the Minister for Education, meeting with Maluba Rotary Club and setting up a New Generations Service Exchange. There is a student at Oxford University who is planning to go to Lusaka at the end of May and we will be sorting out the arrangements for her visit. We will also go to Livingstone to see the Falls – awesome. I’m sure there will be all sorts of other things that we will get involved in – delivering some Lifestraws for instance.

You can keep up to date with our progress through Carrie-Anne’s blog that will be part of this website then there will be loads to see and hear about when we get back.

Thank you all for your support