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We’re asking for your help to meet one of our financial challenges, Every 8 weeks we send items to Folkstone to be shipped to Africa and were looking to cover the yearly cost of £3,000 with regular donations so we are able to continue this fantastic form of giving. We’re looking for just 25 people to donate £10 per month to support this amazing cause….

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We are asking for help to meet one of our financial challenges.

Due to our success, more people are now  contacting us with donations to be sent to schools in Lusaka

Operation Sunshine in Folkestone sends out sea containers to Africa around six times a year. For a donation towards the total shipping cost (of £7,000) they allow us to use a corner of the container to ship the donations we have received.

On average, each time we take items to  Folkestone it costs us £125 for a van, about £50 for fuel and £200 to Operation Sunshine,

If we have to pay to store bulky items it costs £50 a week.

We estimate that the total annual cost of shipping donations overseas is £3,000.

The WVZP currently holds sufficient funds to cover only two more shipments.   We would now like to create a ring-fenced fund to cover the cost of shipping donations to Lusaka.

We are asking you to consider making a Standing Order to WVZP for, say, £10 per month (or more if you wish) If we could persuade 20 people to do this we could be sure that we would have the money we need to send the donations to where they are so desperately needed.

Our bank details are Lloyds Bank. Sort code 30-96-54   Account number 19336068. However we prefer you click on the button at the top or below so we can ensure your giving is to its full potential.

A  regular e-newsletter will be sent  to all our Champions explaining what has been happening, what we have sent to Zambia and how our projects are progressing.

If you do decide to become a Champion please let us know so that we make sure we keep you  regularly informed.
Please send your name and email address to [email protected]

Here you can see one of the little girls in Lusaka trying on a new dress that she has just been given from the clothes that were donated in the UK. All the items that are sent make such a difference to the families. We also send out educational equipment for the schools and furniture that UK schools have donated to us.

When the items arrive they are collected by Daniel and Patricia, from Libala Secondary School, with their school truck. They organise the distribution to the different partner schools. Their commitment to our project enables the swift delivery of much needed resources and equipment to the classes and the children. This work is done voluntarily after school and we appreciate their support.

Become a Champion - DONATE NOW