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Friends and Partners


Having set up our charity with a core group of Trustees – Helen Gerrish(a parent), Mike Ware(Bourne End and Cookham Rotary Club),Jane Gardener (Deputy Head of Carrington Junior School) and Sue Pomeroy (Project Director) we are now looking at  deciding on a group of people who would be patrons of the charity.

Our first Patron is Linda Melton – former Head of The Wye Valley School. She has been involved in the project since it started in 2006. She visited Libala in 2007 and hosted the Headteacher when the first group came to the UK in 2011. Since we started the project she has been fully supportive of all that we have done and still keeps in regular email contact to find out how everything is progressing. Without her commitment and support for the project we would not be where we are now.

We have many people that we count as friends of the project. Bourne End and Cookham Rotary Club have been our main sponsors and supporters since the project started. They have been generous in supporting our many events; they have agreed grants from the club and applied for matching grants from Rotary District 1090 on our behalf.  I was really pleased to take Mike Ware with us in 2012 and 2014 so that he could see firsthand what the project was about. Since then he has given us a great deal of his time and support and without his hard work in 2013 the group would not have arrived in the UK. Mike continues to be a very important part of our project, a real mover and shaker and I’m glad he’s on our side.

Zambian Exchange 2013

We were pleased to be invited to the Zambian High Commission while our guests were with us in 2013. We had lunch with the High Commissioner and spent time talking to him about our project. He was very pleased to hear that the two schools were working so well together and that the partnership was on such a firm foundation. We were also pleased to welcome staff from the High Commission at our Farewell Dinner before our friends left; they brought some Zambian food with them which was much appreciated by everyone. There is now a new High Commissioner soon and Mike and I have been to the High Commission to talk to the new incumbent about the project and to further develop the links between us.

Wye valley students and Zambian friends

We also have many friends in the wider Rotary movement. Many of the members of District 1090 met our friends when they performed at the Conference in Bournemouth in February 2013 and made quite an impact with their cultural dancing. We were privileged to have past, present and future District Governors at our Farewell Dinner and we have also developed close links with the Literacy Box Project, the Lifestraws Project and Operation Sunshine who have supported us by shipping out computers for Libala High, clothes for the Transient Home and furniture for Chilenje Special Needs department.

We have also built on our initial links with Rotary clubs in Zambia and are now pleased to include the Rotary Clubs of Maluba and Lusaka amongst our friends.

Another very important group of friends are the numerous parents who have become involved in the project. They have given their time and hard work to help us continue to move the project forward and without them we could not achieve our goals.

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