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We are continuing to develop the work of the charity and are involved with an increasing number of projects. These include

1.Libala High School new Library and ICT suite

Libala are our primary partners and we would like to support them by sending over books, ICT resources, computers and other technical equipment to support this new facility. They have over 2000 students at the school and the new Head is determined to raise the standards and the opportunities that are available to them and we want to help him.

2.Libala Basic School partnership with Carrington Junior School and the sharing of much needed resources

Libala and Carrington have been part of our partnership for four years now and have each had teachers visit the other school. Carrington are now wanting to support Libala through the provision of books – textbooks and exercise books that might not be useful for them due to the new curriculum changes that are in place. Libala have no textbooks for the children, very few reading books and even fewer exercise books other than the ones we took over at Easter. Any offers of books can be shipped out through Operation Sunshine to Libala where they will be greatly appreciated.

3.Chilenje Special Needs department new toilets

The plans for these have had to be changed since we left due to the rules of the Ministry of Education. They are now looking to build the toilets outside the building with a door through from the classroom. This is clearly going to increase the costs but we will be working to support the initiative. Without these toilets there are children who cannot attend the Special Needs department because they cannot get access to the main school toilets that are across a very bumpy field. We feel strongly that this is a very important project to be achieved.

4.Chilenje School Community Skills Centre

From the video of our visit you will have seen that there is a derelict classroom block on the far side of the school field. This building consists of three rooms that can be refurbished and made into classrooms and a small room that can be converted to toilets. We plan to apply for a Global Rotary grant and to work with other Rotary clubs to raise the funds to refurbish this building into a Community Skills Centre. Chilenje is a very poor area and there are many people who do not have the necessary skills to enable them to get a job. This Skills Centre would be used by the children in the Special Needs department to help them learn these essential skills and also for members of the local community. The skills they are hoping to learn are sewing, catering and carpentry. This is far and away the biggest project we have taken on but we are determined to see it through. All support will be very welcome.

5.Chilenje Special Needs department new teaching and learning resources

We are very fortunate to have set up a partnership between Bardwell School in Bicester and Chilenje Special Needs department. When we went over at Easter we took Matthew, a Bardwell teacher, with us and he took with him a variety of resources which helped the department extend their range of teaching and learning skills. We were also able to provide support for some of the children to the tune of two new wheelchairs, two sets of hearing aids and some new hearing tests to indicate their level of hearing loss. This partnership will continue to grow and we hope to build on this excellent start by bringing one of the teachers to the UK to work at Bardwell.

6.Chilenje Special Needs department new skills area

When the toilets have been completed there will be more children able to attend the Special Needs department. This means that they will need another room to accommodate them. The Head has made a commitment to allocate them a further room when the numbers increase which will be used for teaching skills that these children when need in future life. We would like to help them by redecorating the new room as we did before to make their environment an interesting and exciting place to learn – back to the paint brushes !!!

7.Chilenje Transient Home – toys, games and clothes needed

We only visited the Transient Home at the end of our visit and took with us a selection of clothes that had been given to us by Claires Court School. These were much appreciated in fact one of the boys had his new trousers on within two minutes of being given them. They are orphans and street children and have nothing to read or play with in the home. We are trying to send some things out to them at the end of June and will continue to support them. Three of the girls in the Special Needs department actually live in the Transient home.

8.Rotary NGSE programme for adult exchange

This Rotary New Generations Service exchange programme gives adults between the ages of 18 and 30 the opportunity to go and work (unpaid) in a foreign country for up to 6 months. There are various criteria that the programme requires and more information can be found on the RI website. We plan to be involved in this programme and hope to bring Sean (our Man in Africa) to Carrington to work as a TA and teach Music and Brenda from Chilenje to Bardwell to work with Matthew and who knows who may be next……

9.Partnerships for Kabwata and Mkandawire Basic Schools with Primary Schools from our local area.

Both of these Basic Schools in Lusaka have been involved with our partnership with Libala High for some time now and are looking for schools to partner with in our local area. If any schools are interested please contact [email protected] for us to discuss the programme further.

Future Project News

We need your help please

Since we returned from our visit we have been trying to continue to build on the projects that we started out there. In order to do this we need your help.

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Virgin Money Giving is here now

At last we have received our Charity number from HMRC and we are now live on Virgin Money Giving for people to make donations.

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Lifestraws allow children to have clean water to drink

What is a LifeStraw? LifeStraw Personal is a portable water purifier for prevention of common diarrhoeal disease. It can be carried around for easy access to safe and clean drinking water. It is just 25 cm long and 29 mm in diameter and can be hung around the neck. LifeStraw requires no electrical power or spare parts.

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