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Jun 02 2014

We need your help please

by Sue Pomeroy in donate, future, visit_reports

There are several areas that need support from us, some are easier than others to help. Here is an outline of what we are hoping to achieve

Libala High School are opening a new Library and ICT suite. We know we have 14 computers on their way to the new suite and there are another 7 that we hope to send out at the end of June. They are also in desperate need of books for their Library. The students range in age from 14 to 18+ and are following GCSE and A level courses. They need books that can be used as reference books as their Internet access is intermittent and unreliable. Obviously as it is a new library it would be better if the books were reasonably up to date and in good condition.

Chilenje Special Needs department are hoping to develop a programme to teach their children skills which can be developed to provide them with a job in later life. These activities will be the forerunner of the programmes that they hope to teach in the new classrooms which we plan to refurbish. Initially they need sewing machines, preferably not electric as they only have a limited electricity supply at the moment. Any hand operated machines would be greatly appreciated as long as they work properly.

Chilenje Transient Home we visited on our last day. Here they have 24 children of varying ages from 4 to 15. These are children who have been taken off the streets by the police and the ladies that run the Home provide them with a bed, clothes and a roof over their heads. They only have a limited number of clothes and we were able to take some clothes with us when we visited. The main thing that struck us was that they don’t have any books or toys to use when they are not in school. We would like to send some books and toys but they need to be in good working order. Personally I do not agree with people using this request as an excuse to clear out all their unwanted rubbish regardless of the state of it and send it to us, whether it is to ease their conscience or clear their cupboards.

If you have any books or toys that are in good condition, that you would feel happy to receive yourselves, please contact us through our email account or via [email protected] and we will arrange collection

We are being supported in this drive by Operation Sunshine who have another container going to Zambia, leaving Folkestone on June 30th. They have agreed that we can have some space in that container to send out the items that we have talked about. They would need to be with us by June 28th so that we can take them to Folkestone in time.

I hope that we can be successful in collecting together items that will benefit each of these groups of people. With your support we can make a difference.  Remember our motto

making friends and changing lives through working together