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Mar 29 2015

Our friends from Lusaka come to visit

by Sue Pomeroy in friends_partners, visit_reports

Our friends from Lusaka come to visit

On Wednesday they made their first visit to their partner schools. Patricia to Bourne End Academy, Susan to Carrington Junior School and Brenda to Bardwell School. As this was the first time that they had visited without students it gave them lots of opportunities to talk to the staff and gather information and resources to help them.

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On Friday Patricia and Susan went to Bardwell to meet the staff and find out all about the tremendous work that they do with their students. At the end of the day we were all invited to an Africa Evening organised by Bicester Rotary Club. It was an excellent evening with some tremendous entertainment – drumming, singing, dancing and a superb spread of food.


On Saturday we all set off to Folkestone to visit the people at Operation Sunshine. They have done a lot to help us by letting us include lots of the donations that we have received on their containers going to Zambia. If it wasn’t for them the computers, educational resources, special needs equipment and clothes for the Transient Home would not have reached their destination. We enjoyed meeting them, lots of good scones and coffee to help us get to know each other before we set off for lunch with Lyn at a well known fish and chip shop in Hythe. We also had to stop on the sea front. This was Brenda’s first visit so she had not seen the sea, with Zambia being a landlocked country. Susan and Patricia had visited Brighton in 2013 so this wasn’t a first for them.

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Sunday was a day off from visiting and was spent in some serious retail therapy by all of our guests.

On Monday we had been invited to visit His Excellency the High Commissioner in London. We were very priveleged to meet him and to tell him all about the latest developments in our project. He was particularly interested to hear about our challenge of developing the Chilenje Community Skills Centre and has promised to do all he can to assist us. After our visit we decided to go and see the sights of London and to show Brenda some of the famous London landmarks.


On Tuesday Patricia and Susan visited one of our Trustees, Helen, after school. She has got together a group of ‘ladies who knit’ and they had been knitting school jumpers and hats for the children in Lusaka who go to our partner schools. It was a lovely opportunity for the ladies to meet them and find out all about their schools. Lots more lovely scones too!!  In the evening we went to Bourne End Academy to see their Easter Extravaganza. A great evening of music, singing, dancing that was excellent entertainment.

As well as visiting their partner schools Susan also went to Westfield School to meet the Rotakids Club and Patricia met the students at the Bourne End Academy Interact Club. They also met the Rotaractors, some of whom had travelled to Zambia in earlier years.

Brenda came down to visit Carrington and Bourne End Academy in a reciprocal visit and to look at how each school dealt with Special Needs students.

All too soon Saturday arrived with the challenge of trying to pack everything to meet the luggage restrictions of Emirate Airlines. Luckily there is another conatiner going to Lusaka in the middle of April so we are hoping to be able to negotiate some space for the various things that just would not fit in the cases !!!

All three teachers really enjoyed their visit and we appreciate the help we had from the people who were kind enough to host them so well. Without this support the visit couldn’t have happened.

We have since heard that they arrived home safely, to much warmer weather and we are all looking forward tothe next time when we can all meet up again, hopefully with some students involved in the visit as well.

Thank you to everyone who supported us, it is greatly appreciated.