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Nov 14 2016

Our Global Grant is on its way

We first started to plan this project back in 2014 after our visit following up on an idea by the students who came with us. There then followed discussions, plans, more discussions and further plans until we had finalised what we wanted the Skills Centre to look like and how we wanted it to be used.

Next came the fund raising for our part of the Grant and we were very pleased to have the support of Rotary Clubs from Bicester, Bourne End & Cookham, Cookham Bridge and St Ives in Australia.

Once that was achieved Mike had the task of writing the grant with a little help from his friends.

Once completed it has had to be signed off by our District, the Rotary Club of Maluba, our Zambian partners, and their District. That done it now goes to Rotary International. Hopefully the questions that they come back to us with won’t be too difficult and we might get their agreement by Christmas.

What a Christmas present that would be !!

Here are a couple of pictures that we can consider as the ‘before’ pictures and we are really loking forward to sending everyone the ‘after’ pictures once the building has been completed.

facebook-1      facebook-2   Thank you to everyone for their support.