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Feb 07 2018

Visit to High Commission

by Sue Pomeroy in Uncategorized

Tim and Linda Cowling were there. They, along with Faringdon Rotary Club, have raised the money to enable the remaining 15 classrooms at Kabwata Basic School to be repainted. They have also collected a tremendous amount of resources for the school and when we get to Lusaka they are hoping to set up two Rotakids groups. One group will partner with Faringdon Rotakids Club and the other will partner with a group from Mudeford Brownies. Lots of exciting opportunities for the young children in both countries to learn about each others cultures and experiences.

Naomi was also there, partly to let them see her magnificent gold medal, but also to start discussing plans for her to work with the Zambian Athletics Association, using the skills that she has gained through working with Thomas International.

        Also there was Shelagh Garrard who presented to the Commission a series of geological survey maps which her late husband, Dr. Paul Garrard, had compiled while working in Chingola some 50 years ago. We were all amazed to see the intricacy and detail of these maps, which you can see on the photo, all of which he had hand drawn. The plan is that the High Commission will set up a meeting with representatives from the Ministry of Mining Geological Survey Department and Shelagh. She will donate to them all of the maps, research notes and a copy of his PhD which will make an outstanding resource for their students to study. They will also learn a great deal about the techniques involved with geological mapping

It was an interesting and exciting visit and we are pleased that the High Commission continue to support our charity and the programmes we are delivering.