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Dec 05 2018

West Witney Primary School

by Sue Pomeroy in Uncategorized

5th December 2018
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Web: www.westwitneyprimaryschool.co.uk
Telephone: 01993 706249 Headteacher: Mrs Nancy Darby

Our Zambian Connection

Yesterday, Tim and Linda Cowling from The Wye Valley Project and Rotary Club led our school assembly; our children learnt where some of our old books had gone and how they were being used in Kabwata School in Zambia.
Our children learnt about the improvements that have been made in recent years to the school: from installing toilets, to resourcing a pre – school class; from getting tables to having some of the basic equipment needed such as pencils and paper. What was most memorable was that the children wanted to be in school,
wanted to learn and that they were incredibly grateful for this opportunity.
It seems that children around the world are not so different.